Warm congratulations to Georgia Colegrave (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History) and Charlotte Maple (Ancient and Modern History), who were awarded Charles Oldham Scholarships by the Oxford Classics Faculty for the purpose of travel abroad to study ancient sites of the Greek and Roman worlds. Both travelled to Rome this summer to explore the archaeological monuments they had read about for their course options. You can find their travel reports here.

Georgia Colegrave (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History)

In September of 2022, I was lucky enough to travel for a week to Rome. It was an incredible experience (despite the heat and the need to walk around 30,000 steps a day), and has gifted me a great understanding of not only Rome itself, but also the way in which its monuments form part of its social and urban landscape. For a CAAHist, there was truly no better trip!.

Please read the whole report here.

Charlotte Maple (Ancient and Modern History)

On my second evening in Rome, thunder cracked above the steps where I sat. Lightning blew bright upon the marble columns of the BSR, and humidity lay thick and heavy in the nights air. This was not, though it felt like it, a religious omen directing me and my fellow students to dedicate to a God. But it was one of two storms that foretold the electricity of my 2 weeks stay on the summer course at the British School at Rome from the 1st to the 13th of September 2022. This report will highlight the principal ways in which I have benefitted from the course. I wish to encourage any student thinking of travelling to apply for a place on the BSR. The money from the Charles Oldham and C. E. Stevens Scholarship allowed me to take my place on the course and to learn in greater depth about the city which so inspires me.

Please read the whole report here.