Prof Alexandra Braun, Fellow and Tutor in Law at LMH, has edited a new book on how wealth can be transferred on death.


Prof Alexandra Braun, LMH Fellow and Tutor in Law

Titled ‘Passing Wealth on Death. Will-Substitutes in Comparative Perspective’, and co-edited with Prof Anne Röthel from the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, this volume breaks new ground in a subject of classical importance. The essays provide the reader with fresh insights into the many ways in which wealth is being passed on death across a number of jurisdictions. It further explores the reasons behind the choices testators make and explores the challenges the various mechanisms present for the operation and functioning of succession law.

The book promotes a scholarly debate in a field of law that is generally understudied, but that is of central importance in people's lives, and in the internal life of the law.

Passing Wealth on Death, book co-edited by LMH Fellow and Tutor in Law Prof Alexandra Braun

The book was published by Hart Publishing,
and more information can be found here

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