This year marked the centenary of admitting women as full members of the University of Oxford. As part of the celebrations, the Medical Sciences Division launched an initiative entitled ‘100 women of Oxford Medical Sciences’ to showcase the diversity of roles and achievements held by inspirational women across the prestigious department. 

Jewel Bennett, a 2nd-year Medicine undergraduate at LMH, was one of the women selected to speak about her journey so far and her vision for the future. Alongside having her profile featured on the website, she was one of the five undergraduates chosen as ‘Leaders of Tomorrow'. 

Jewel said “I am delighted to be involved in the initiative! I know how encouraging it is to hear other women’s experiences and advice; to celebrate them and be empowered myself. So, to be one of the profiles inspiring other young women is marvellous!” 

Jewel holds several positions relating to Medical Sciences across the University of Oxford. This includes being a Pre-clinical Representative for the Primary Care Education Committee and President of the Alison Brading Circle: a gathering birthed within LMH that hosts medical students, tutors, associates, and influential academics.

Jewel is interested in Artificial intelligence within Medicine and has recently secured a related research project working with Professor Charalambos Antoniades. Professor Antoniades is Director of the Acute Vascular Imaging Centre and Senior Clinical Fellow of the British Heart Foundation. Under his supervision, Jewel will contribute to training a novel AI algorithm to help identify people at risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular complications through the analysis of Computerised Tomography scans. If successful, the automation will be distributed to all NHS hospitals in the near future, enabling earlier prevention measures to be taken and better patient outcomes.

Photograph of student Jewel Bennett