Photo of Christina Goldschmidt smiling at the camera and wearing a pink top

LMH Mathematics Fellow Professor Christina Goldschmidt has been appointed as a Vincent Della Pietra Professor by the Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (SLMath) in Berkeley, California, for the Spring 2025 semester. 

SLMath delivers topic-focused programmes and workshops that aim to bring together established and future leaders in research to promote creativity and the interchange of ideas, with over 1,700 mathematical scientists spending time at the institute’s headquarters each year.

To achieve this interchange of ideas, SLMath hosts a number of distinguished research professorships each year for academics who are making key contributions to their programmes. Professor Goldschmidt is one of the organisers of a semester-long SLMath research programme on the Probability and Statistics of Discrete Structures, a core topic across a wide range of scientific disciplines where mathematical ideas are used to model and understand real-world networks.

Professor Goldschmidt’s research is in probability theory. She has particularly worked on random combinatorial structures (such as trees and graphs), combinatorial stochastic processes, and processes of coagulation and fragmentation. 

Reflecting on her appointment as a Vincent Della Pietra Professor at SLMath, Professor Goldschmidt said, “This is a really exciting opportunity to spend focussed time with a large number of researchers in my field from all around the world, and I’m looking forward to it enormously.”