Our boat club reached unprecedented success in this year’s Summer Eights, but they have no intention to rest on their laurels.

An essential part of our rowers training involves the use of indoor rowing machines, allowing not only to improve their technique but also to continue training even when the weather conditions do not allow river outings. At the moment the boat club owns 4 machines, but they hope to increase their number to 8, to allow for their crews to train together as a full boat.

In order to raise the funds to buy this new equipment, the boat club is launching a 24 hour rowing marathon- From 7am on Thursday the 9th June to 7am Friday the 10th of June, two rowing machines will be in constant use, hoping to cover twice the length of the Thames!

They aim to raise at least £1,500, and you can support their efforts by making your donation here.

LMH 2016 Summer Eights rowing team