If you have a problem before or during your exams which you think will have had a severe impact on your performance, you can make a mitigating circumstances application so that the examiners are aware of this. You will need to obtain medical certification or, if it is not medical, you will need other documentary evidence pertaining to your situation. If you are an Undergraduate Student, please contact the College Nurse, your Personal Tutor and the Senior Tutor as soon as possible after the examination. If you are Graduate student, please contact the Deputy Academic Registrar or the Tutor for Graduates.

If you have exam allowances in place for a disability or long term condition, but you think that your performance has still been affected by your disability or condition despite the alternative arrangements, or you suffer another serious problem such as an acute illness just before or during the exams, you can also apply for mitigating circumstances to be taken into account. (Please note that most mitigating circumstances applications do not result in any changes to marks.)

Further guidance on mitigating circumstances can be found on the University website.