In addition to raising much-needed funds for projects through the Annual Fund, such as outreach, student financial support and unrestricted donations for general purposes, LMH is working on a number of other exciting projects. 

It is our hope that the projects listed below are of interest and we invite you to contact the Development Director, Richard Hunt, if you have any questions or should like to discuss your gift.

LMH gardens
Ukraine Flag

LMH Ukrainian Graduate Scholarship

Next academic year, LMH will be offering a full graduate scholarship to a Ukrainian refugee whose studies have been interrupted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. We need your help to raise the £20,000 needed to fund this vital opportunity.

Sir Christopher Dobson

The Chris Dobson Research Fund for Chemists and Biochemists

Our aim is to raise at least £350,000 to support a generation of Junior Research Fellows and DPhil students at LMH to focus on researching the areas which Chris was so passionate about, namely biomolecular NMR spectroscopy; the structure, function and dynamics of proteins; the process of protein folding and misfolding and their role in diseases.  Research in these fields is largely undertaken in Oxford by academics working in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments.

LMH Library

The Library

Gifts towards the LMH Library will enable us to increase the investment necessary to ensure that our provision is equal to that for students in other colleges.

Student studying

The Oxford Study Skills Centre at LMH

The Oxford Study Skills Centra at LMH offers tuition in vital, practical skills for students to make the most of their studies. 

Ann Kennedy with Fellow and Tutor in Law, Professor Alexandra Braun

Ann Kennedy Graduate Scholarship in Law

We have launched a Graduate Scholarship in Law, named after former Law Tutor and Fellow, Ann Kennedy to raise an initial £200,000 towards an endowment to fund a graduate scholarship of up to £7,000 per annum.