Mission statement

The mission of Lady Margaret Hall is to benefit society by the advancement of knowledge and understanding through excellence in education and research as a College of the University of Oxford.

Strategic objectives

  • Providing a collegiate educational experience that is the best of its kind in the world
  • Excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate education
  • Supporting innovative research throughout the LMH academic community
  • Completing the LMH site masterplan
  • Developing all human and financial resources, facilities, and services
  • Supporting equality, diversity, and fairness
  • Inspiring the LMH community worldwide
  • Careful and responsive governance

Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015

In July 2010 the Governing Body of LMH reviewed the College's strategic plan which states its core mission, its objectives and aims and its strategy for achieving them. A pdf version of LMH 2010-2015 Vision and Strategy is available for download. The College is currently working on a new strategic plan.

How we are doing

The College's Annual Reports outline progress towards achieving the aims and objectives in the Strategic Plan. 

The College's annual accounts show how the College is performing financially.

The central University also publishes an Annual Review.

Document formats and fees

Printed versions of all documents produced by Lady Margaret Hall and referred to on this page are available. A fee may be charged.