University Supervisor

You will be assigned a University Supervisor who is responsible for overseeing and directing your course. Once your Supervisor has been appointed, you should get in touch with him/her for an appointment. If you arrive in Oxford some time before term begins, they may not be immediately available but will respond to you on their return. 

College Advisor

In addition to your University Supervisor, you will have a College Advisor, a Tutor in College who is a member of the same or a related Faculty or Department (note: this is different to that of your Supervisor). They will be your first port of call in College for all academic and welfare matters. Please take the earliest opportunity to introduce yourself to your College Advisor. You should arrange to see them once a term for a general discussion on your academic progress.

Tutor for Graduates

The Tutor for Graduates has overall responsibility for the academic and personal welfare of members of the MCR (Middle Common Room) and is always available by appointment to give advice, in consultation with your Supervisor and College Advisor. Financial problems should be taken in the first instance to the Student Finance Manager but serious difficulties should also be discussed with the Tutor for Graduates.