If you have any special requirements for your examinations, you should inform the Academic Registrar at the earliest possible time. She will then ask permission from the Proctors’ Office in the University for special arrangements to be agreed and subsequently made. If you have a learning difficulty or disability that requires special examination arrangements, permission can be granted once at the start of your course for all your undergraduate examinations.  Permission for special arrangements for long term conditions must be requested by the deadline for exam entry. If there is an unanticipated problem during the examination period itself, it is essential if the problem is medical that you contact your Personal Tutor, the Senior Tutor/ Tutor for Graduates, and the Academic Registrar at the earliest possible time. You will need to obtain medical certification (please contact the College Nurse in the first instance). If it is not medical you will need other documentary evidence pertaining to your situation immediately, which will be sent on to the Proctors’ Office for consideration of any adjustment.

There is further guidance on Alternative Exam Arrangements available on the University website.