Students punting on the river at LMH

Student Life


We’ve put together this area to give you a sense of what studying and living at LMH is like. We’ve included bits of information that we think we would have wanted to know when finding out more about colleges. Hope to see you soon, The LMH Student Body.

Putting LMH on the map

“Isn’t LMH the one that’s really far away…?” 

Oxford’s city centre is so compact, anything slightly outside of it is considered a long way away. But just north of the University Parks, LMH is still a very manageable distance away from the heart of the city and being a bit further out has its perks too.

LMH location


The Junior Common Room, or 'JCR' refers to both the student body and the rooms where you can meet to have tea, play table tennis, or watch TV. Find out more about the JCR here.

The Middle Common Room (or 'MCR') is made up of about 241 graduate students, from around 40 different countries, studying a wide range of subjects. All graduates are automatically members of the MCR. Find out more about the MCR here.