English at LMH

LMH is a hugely exciting and rewarding place to study English.

English was one of the founding subjects of the College when it began admitting students in 1878; Elizabeth Wordsworth, its first Principal, was a great niece of the poet William Wordsworth. From those early pioneering years up to the present, the community of English students (undergraduates and graduates) and tutors has maintained a vibrant and successful presence. 

We now admit about ten undergraduate students each year, and complement Oxford’s flexible English syllabus with a range of classes and tutorials. Tutorials – where you discuss a weekly assignment with your tutor and usually one other student - give you the chance to follow particular interests and enthusiasms. Classes allow year groups to come together to exchange what always turn out to be a diverse range of opinions and insights. For first-years, we run a fortnightly ‘close-reading’ session, designed to be a step-away from course requirements and essay-writing.  In all modes of teaching, we encourage you to experiment with different ways of thinking and writing, and to refine your critical abilities – and we value hard work, persistence, and the taking of intellectual risks. At LMH it is important to us to that everyone has the space, and the intellectual companionship, to discover what kind of literary critic they may want to be.

Our College library is extremely well-stocked, and LMH English students have the advantage of being a short walk from the English Faculty. We also have the Simpkins Lee Theatre that is available for student productions.

Admissions requirements and course information

AAA. More information on other requirements, how to apply and a typical week can be found here and here. Visit the website of the Faculty of English.

The tutors at LMH are second to none - wise, kind and, best of all, brilliant teachers. The course itself is very flexible and has allowed me to follow my own interests and passions. I've made some of my very best friends at LMH and I can't think of a better place to study English.

Jack Bradfield