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Role: Junior Research Fellow, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine.


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Dr Stefan Kluzek is a medical doctor specialising in Sport and Exercise Medicine. Following medical training in the North East of England, Stefan completed his consultant and academic training in Oxford, where he also undertook a master of science degree and a DPhil, identifying metabolic and immunological consequences of joint injuries and joint osteoarthritis. He also has two years’ experience as an Academic Clinical Lecturer and Clinician scientist at the University. He works as a Consultant in the NHS as well as Senior Physician for the English Institute of Sport and the British Olympic Association. His area of clinical expertise is in the diagnosis and treatment of problems arising from the musculoskeletal system, including a common form of arthritis but also muscle, tendon and joint injuries.

Research interests

He is currently an associated clinical Professor in sports medicine, where he leads research groups interested in physical activity, injuries and illnesses affecting active population. He is also leading research on consequences of the common causes of chronic muscle and joint pain, including metabolic and hormonal problems.


Tutor in clinical medicine.

Selected publications

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