Contact details

Role: Stipendiary Lecturer in Music


Dr Jonathan Packham


I am a researcher and composer with interests across a wide range of contemporary experimental musics and sonic arts. I completed my DPhil in Music in 2021 at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, where I cofounded EXPO, an initiative for experimental art and sound that has hosted many composers, artists, and thinkers across a number of events. I am also an active member of EMPRes, the University’s Electronic Music Practice Research group, and perform original work regularly at their events, both using my own name and under the alias SALINGER.

Research interests

My output comprises both compositional and sonic artwork in combination with written research. My work is often engaged with the spatial and/or architectural, and my current research seeks to connect existing discourses on sound, space, and place in late twentieth and early twenty-first century music and sound installation art.


I teach across a range of undergraduate courses, including music theory and analysis, music historical topics, orchestration, and composition.


Packham, J. 2021. ‘Scoring the Journey: Listening to Claudia Molitor’s Sonorama’. TEMPO.

Packham, J. 2020. ‘Scoring the Social Voice: Lin Chi-Wei’s Tape Music’. In Crafting a Sonic Urbanism: the Political Voice II. Theatrum Mundi.