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Role: Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics


A close up photo of Domenico Giordani, who has short dark hair and a beard


Domenico Giordani is Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics at Lady Margaret Hall. He is also a Research Fellow working on the ERC-funded project “Ordering, Constructing, Empowering: Fragments of the Roman Republican Antiquarians” (FRRAnt) at University College London. He holds a DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature from the University of Oxford (St John’s) and worked as Language Instructor at the Faculty of Classics at Oxford.

Research interests

Domenico's research interests gravitate around textual criticism, early Roman comedy and metre, socio-linguistics, and the application of interpretative frames drawn from anthropological literature to the study of ancient and pre-modern societies.


Domenico teaches Latin language and most papers on the Latin side of the syllabus. In his capacity as a member of the FRRAnt team, he contributes to the editing and commenting of the scattered remains of antiquarian works from the Republican period. His other projects include a critical edition of Titus Maccius Plautus’ Stichus (in progress for the Editiones Plautinae Sarsinates series), a critical edition with commentary of Trinummus (in progress for Oxford University Press), and a monograph on subaltern groups in Roman culture.

Recent publications

“Varro’s Quaestiones Plautinae: Nonius and a Scrap of Republican Antiquarianism” (in preparation).

"Saturnian Variations. An Attempt at Linear Analysis" (in preparation).

“Varro’s Antiquitates rerum humanarum: Defining Roman Republican Antiquarianism” (submitted).

“Un problema di metrica plautina. Variazioni ritmiche e versi ‘inframezzati’”, RCCM 65, 1, 2023: 139-167.

“Una cena cinica: due note testuali al banchetto di Stichus’, RCCM 63, 1, 2021: 155–62.

“A Metre for Madness: Note on Enn. scen. 21 Joc.”, RCCM 62, 1, 2020: 109–11.

“Ad imitatione delli antiqui: Philologie und Theater in den Plautinischen Studien des Tommaso ‘Fedra’ Inghirami”, in the peer-reviewed volume by Th. Baier and T. Dänzer (eds), Plautus in der Frühen Neuzeit, Tübingen, Narr Verlag, 2020: 111–31.

“A proposito dello scurra plautino. Truc. 482–96 alla luce di una nuova proposta etimologica”, in the peer-reviewed volume by R. Raffaelli and A. Tontini (eds), Lecturae Plautinae Sarsinates XX-XXI. Truculentus / Vidularia, Urbino, Quattroventi, 2017: 153–67.

“Riflessioni su Trin. 267”, in the peer-reviewed volume by R. Raffaelli and A. Tontini (eds), Lecturae Plautinae Sarsinates XIX. Trinummus, Urbino, Quattroventi, 2016: 113–21.

Other Projects

Domenico is a member of the International Centre of Plautine Studies (CISP) run by the university of Urbino and co-runs Early Text Cultures (ETC), a research network based at Oxford which promotes interdisciplinary research on a variety of pre-modern text cultures. He has translated Gian Biagio Conte’s last book (Virgilian Parerga. Textual Criticism and Stylistic Analysis, de Gruyter, Berlin-Boston, 2021) into English.