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Dean email:


Telephone01865 283343

Role: The Dean. I was elected to a Supernumerary Fellowship in October 2017. I am a member of Governing Body and the ICT Committee.

Mike Fraser


I am Director of Infrastructure Services within the University IT Services. Prior to this much of my career has been in IT, including principal investigator for projects in digital humanities, identity & access management, and research e-infrastructure. Now my responsibilities include data centres, networks and server infrastructure together with services to support communication, data security and research computing within the University. My PhD (Durham) investigated the development of imperial involvement in the inauguration of churches in the fourth century Eastern Roman empire.

I am also the Dean at LMH managing College discipline, but with the aim of fostering a supportive environment and maintaining an inclusive and friendly College community, so that everyone can get the most out of their academic work as well as their free time. I am always happy to hear from students who have any concerns - or 01865 283343