This project is an example of why Oxford is such a rewarding place to do research. People from different departments and disciplines bringing their expertise together to tackle a problem neither could do alone but together shedding new light on both fundamental biology and also on cancer.

Professor Gillies McKenna - Director, CRUK / MRC Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology

Planarian Research points the way to Cancer Studies

The work of Professor Aziz Aboobaker has recently been the focus of considerable interest, for its ramifications on future work into studying cancer. The team work intensively with flatworms (planarians), which are known for their ability to regenerate after injury or trauma, due to rapidly reproducing and migrating stem cells.

Prof Aboobaker and his Zoology lab have overcome difficulties in tracking the behaviour of the planarian stem cells, to map their movement. A collaboration with the University's Department of Oncology has made hitherto impossible observations achievable. 

Learn more about Prof Aboobaker, his research and teaching in the video below. 

Stem cells from the experiment