Photo of Professor Monima Chadha, who has short dark hair and is smiling at the camera

LMH is pleased to welcome Professor Monima Chadha as our new Tutor and Fellow in Indian Philosophy. 

Professor Chadha brings a wealth of academic experience, having completed her undergraduate studies at Delhi University in India before earning her PhD in Philosophy from Monash University in Australia. Since completing her PhD, Professor Chadha has spent the majority of her career in Australia, beginning as a Lecturer at Monash University and later becoming Professor of Philosophy. 

Professor Chadha won the Australasian Association of Philosophy’s Annette Baier Prize for her work on Buddhist Abhidharma theory of experience in 2016, and in 2022 was awarded the inaugural Jack Karp Fellowship at Cornell University's Sage School of Philosophy.

With research interests in metaphysics and philosophy of mind in both classical Indian and contemporary Western traditions, Professor Chadha integrates insights from contemporary cognitive science to explore conscious experiences, challenging conventional notions of subjects and agents.

Through her pioneering work on the cross-cultural philosophy of mind, Professor Chadha bridges classical Indian and contemporary Western philosophies, aiming to integrate diverse perspectives on mind, consciousness, and the self. Her work has been published in leading philosophical journals, and her book Selfless Minds was published by Oxford University Press in 2023.

We are excited to welcome Professor Chadha into our academic community.