Yujia Qing standing in a brightly lit atrium

LMH Chemistry Fellow Professor Yujia Qing has been awarded a major European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant as part of the Horizon Europe Programme.

She is one of only four researchers in the University’s Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division to have been awarded a Starting Grant this year. The grants provide financial support for specific research projects to early-career researchers who show great promise in their field.  

Professor Qing’s research focuses on single-molecule chemistry and developing nanopore technologies for molecular characterisation. Using the ERC Starting Grant, she aims to establish a general method to identify individual protein variants containing different patterns of post-translational modifications—chemical groups added to proteins after they have been translated from RNA.

Professor Qing said: “I am delighted to receive this ERC Starting Grant, which offers a rare opportunity for us to focus on a long-term and high-risk project. My heartfelt thanks go to my mentors, colleagues, and collaborators for their support in shaping my career and this application. I also want to extend my thanks to my team, whose hard work has generated promising preliminary results that form the foundation of the proposed project.”