Last Monday (24), the University announced that an Oxford-led Hub received £30 million from the UK Government to coordinate and lead research to help UK reach Net-Zero.

Sanja Bogojević, Fellow and Associate Professor of Law at Lady Margaret Hall and the Faculty of Law, is one of just two lawyers in the project and will lead the legal strand of investigations together with Dr Navraj Singh Ghaleigh, Senior Lecturer in Climate Change Law at the University of Edinburgh.

Encompassing a dozen universities and with funding for nearly five years, this is the UK Government’s largest-ever research programme to understand and scale up greenhouse gas removal (GGR) techniques. The programme consists of five GGR demonstration projects around the country and a Directorate Hub. The work, led by Professor Cameron Hepburn, Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, commences this month.

Many congratulations to Professor Bogojević on her appointment.