LMH undergraduate, Savannah Stanislaus, has been awarded Activist of the Year and a £200 prize at the National Student Pride Awards. National Student Pride is run by students, and committed to improving the queer student experience across the UK.

Savannah told us about some of the work she has been doing this year to support the LGBTQ+ community, both within LMH and the wider University:

"I spend a lot of time spreading information concerning the injustices and life experiences of various marginalised groups by using social media. I also take this beyond the social media sphere and try to create conversation and safe spaces within the University. For example, in Michaelmas 2021 I teamed up with another LMH student and the outside BAME representative of LMH to put on the annual race workshop for freshers in a way that had never been done before. We acted in a role play scenario in order to create discussion about racial dynamics within a university setting. I have also been holding speaker events within the University and other institutions about key social issues. For example, I interviewed Chantelle Day and her lawyer regarding her right to a gay marriage in the Cayman Islands. I have also been on panels alongside active Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians regarding LGBT+ rights in this country."

Savannah also spoke about her pride upon winning the Activist of the Year Award:

"I believe activism and advocating for the rights, fair treatment, equal opportunities and respect for those around us should be the foundations of humanity. It is a real honour to receive the Activist of the Year Award at National Student Pride and I am committed to continuing the work that got me recognised for this award in the first place."

LMH student Savannah Stanislaus