LMH alumna (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, 2017), and former Foundation Year student, Vee Kativhu has released her first book called Empowered. Vee has been a popular study YouTuber for many years and whilst she was a student built a following of over 200,000 subscribers. She is also an education activist and she ran several outreach events at LMH whilst she was a student.

Vee moved from Zimbabwe to the UK aged 7 unable to speak English, attended disruptive state schools and had to work long hours as a teenager to help support her family. Since attaining a bachelor's degree from Oxford, she has gone on to receive a Master's from Harvard in International Education Policy.

Fellow LMH alumna and education activist, Malala Yousafzai, gave a glowing review of the book Empowered: "Rather than handing down advice from her mountain of accomplishments, Vee Kativhu uses her own personal story to reveal how every young person can achieve their goals and impact the world around them. Dynamic and transformative, Empowered is a roadmap for following your dreams."

Picture from Vee Kativhu's Instagram - @veekativhu

LMH alumna Vee Kativhu holding her book Empowered