Honours in this year's Recognition of Distinction

We are delighted to announce that four LMH Fellows have been recognised for their outstanding research, and excellent teaching, in the 2017 Recognition of Distinction Awards. The University of Oxford conducts an annual review, conferring the title of full Professor on successful applicants. We would like to congratulate our academics recognised in this year’s awards.

Dr Aziz Aboobaker

Professor Aziz Aboobaker

Aziz Aboobaker is awarded the title of Professor of Functional and Comparative Genomics, in recognition of his work in Biological Sciences. With his research team, he has established the only UK laboratory to utilize the planarian model system, dedicated to exploiting planarians for biomedical and evolutionary studies. His research programme leverages the planarian model system to study basic questions in relation to regeneration and stem cell biology. He aims in the future to use planarians to study the molecular mechanisms related to both aging and cancer.

Professor Christina Goldschmidt

Professor Christina Goldschmidt

Christina Goldschmidt is awarded the title of Professor of Probability, in recognition of her work in Statistics. Her research focuses in particular on probability and random combinatorial structures, random trees and graphs, combinatorial stochastic processes, coagulation and fragmentation. She is currently holder of an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Early Career Fellowship (2016-2020).

Dr Xon de Ros

Professor Xon de Ros

Xon de Ros has been awarded the title of Professor in Modern Spanish Literature, for her work on Spanish literature of the modern period. Her research interests include Modernism, Primitivism, poetry, cinema, music, the visual arts, and questions of gender and sexual difference in representation. She is a Member of academic advisory boards and editorial committees at the universities of London, Bristol and Seville.

Professor Jan Westerhoff

Professor Jan Westerhoff

Jan Westerhoff has been awarded the title of Professor of Buddhist Philosophy, recognising his contribution in the fields of Indian philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of language and the history of ideas.

Professor Westerhoff’s work on Indian Philosophy focuses particularly on the second-century Buddhist thinker Nāgārjuna, founder of the ‘middle way’ school of Buddhism, a system of thought that spread through the whole of Asia and is still alive in contemporary Tibet.

His philosophical research interests include questions of ontological dependence, foundationalism and anti-foundationalism, anti-realist metaphysics, the history of logic and the philosophy of language. He is also subject editor for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, with responsibility for the section on Philosophy of India and Tibet and editor of the series “Buddhist Philosophy for Philosophers” with Oxford University Press.

In addition to works on Indian philosophy and contemporary Western metaphysics Professor Westerhoff also enjoys writing books for a more general readership. Recent examples of these include Twelve Examples of Illusion and Reality. A Very Short Introduction.