While new to Lady Margaret Hall, Andrew has worked in the Study Abroad field for over thirty years and is a study abroader himself, as he did an undergraduate year in France as part of his degree. As a result, he is well-qualified to advise students during their time at Lady Margaret Hall. He sees the typical Visiting Student experience as having three constituent parts – the before, during and after.

The before, is replete with the anticipation of going abroad; the during, is full of the skills, adventures and stories gathered while at Lady Margaret Hall and the after, is when students ponder and start to take ownership of the experience, so that it echoes beneficially into their future-selves. Andrew’s role at Lady Margaret Hall is to help students make the most of their time here – from encouraging them to take full advantage of the many wonderful academic, social, cultural, intellectual and personal opportunities that exist at Oxford; to helping them navigate the academic and cultural differences that exist between their home country and Oxford.

Mr Andrew Williams