Black and white photo of two elderly women

Mimi Howes (1955, Modern Languages) recalls attending parties with Helena and Margaret Deneke

When I went up in 1955 the Deneke sisters were still alive and invited us in small groups to their famous soirées. They lived in Gunfield next to the College, a very large , imposing Victorian house full of dark furniture. I remember being served tea by a maid in a black dress with a white apron and a pretty white lace cap. There were dainty cakes. 

We were shown a film about their friend Albert Schweitzer and the leper colony in Lambarene which they had visited. I remember how it flickered, black and white, and how interesting it was and Helena talking about it.

It must have impressed me as I suddenly remembered the evening 69 years later! 

Souvent me souviens

Black and white photo of Helena and Margaret Deneke and their dog