Bletchley Park, a red brick building surrounded by gardens

Only relatively recently have we been able to identify LMH alumnae who served at Bletchley Park, as they all signed the Official Secrets Act. A list of alumnae who are included in the Bletchley Park roll of honour can be found below:

Mary Nugent (1912, BA Modern Languages (French))

Rhoda Welsford (1913, BA History)

Lesley Reid (1922, History)

Mercy Seiradhakis (Money-Coutts, MA History)

Amy Webster (Dale) – LMH Staff member (Somerville, Classics)

Dr Anne Whiteman - LMH Fellow (History)

Alison Goodfellow (Stiff, 1934)

Dione Clementi (1935, BA Modern History, DPhil History)

Norah Keltie (Bishop, 1936, BA Modern Languages (French & Spanish))

Patricia Brown (Bartley, 1936, Philosophy, Politics & Economics)

Helen Stanley-Baker (Richards, 1936, Maths)

Margaret Ross (Sawyer, 1936, BA Modern Languages (French))

Nancy Taylor (Taylor, 1936, BA Modern Languages (German))

Mary Richards (Montague-Brown, 1937, BA Modern Languages (French & German))

Barbara Stokes (Yorke, 1937, BA Modern Languages (French))

Elizabeth Smith (Wylie, 1937, BA Modern Languages (French))

Jean Buckley (1938, Maths)

Muriel Crofts (1938, BA Modern Languages (French & German))

Kathleen Helby (Faulder, 1938, BA Modern Languages (French & German))

Heather Kahn (Jaffé, 1938, BA Modern Languages)

Julia Campbell (Mulgan, 1938, BA Modern Languages (French & German))

Joan Clarke (Fowler, 1939, BA Modern History)

Winifred Bailey (Illingworth, 1939, BA History)

Joan Gimpel (Martin, 1939, BA History)

Ada Staples (Joan Warren, 1939, BA Modern History)

Sylvia Watson-Baker (Armes, 1940, BA Modern Languages (French))

Margaret Monk (Perry, 1940, BA Modern History)

Diana Tavernor (1940, BA Modern Languages (French & German))

Faith Scarborough (Hopkins, 1941, BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics)

Fiona Spencer (Mackintosh, 1941, BA Modern Languages (French))

Cicely Mayhew (Ludlam, 1942, BA Modern Languages (German & French))

Elizabeth Kaser (Piggford, 1943, BA English)

Anne Glyn-Jones (1945, BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics)

Close up of codebreaking equipment at Bletchley Park