A year at a new University is like starting college all over again: meeting new people, trying to find your classes, searching desperately for the washing machines. LMH made these prospects much less daunting by welcoming visiting students as valuable members of their community. On move-in day I was greeted by my college "dad", an upperclassman who offers guidance throughout the year, and shown to my beautiful in-college room. While many visiting student programs house students in a separate location far from campus, at LMH we live with the rest of the full time students. This has allowed me to get to know other British students in my dorm, to eat meals in the dining hall, sing with the Chapel Choir, and enjoy laying in the garden on sunny days.

LMH is invested in the success and happiness of their visiting students. My tutors were Oxford faculty members dedicated in their encouragement and desire to help me improve and grow. Each term, my personal tutor made sure they could provide a tutorial crafted to the requirements for my degree. My inclusion at LMH motivated me to pursue other outlets of the University, like the Oxford Union and the University Boxing team.

What I found at LMH was a second home: a student wellness program to turn to in times of need, an in college nurse available when you’re sick, college bops (dance parties) throughout the term, Thanksgiving dinner for the visiting students, Christmas carols on the quad, and a visiting student program adviser to answer any question. I'll remember the gardens and people of LMH as the highlight of my undergraduate experience.

Lilly Constance