We are delighted to offer an Extended Michaelmas Term (MT+) for students who prefer not to visit for the whole academic year. LMH continues to recommend that visiting students apply for the whole year whenever possible, but we recognise that for a variety of reasons this is not always feasible.  

The Extended Michaelmas Term starts at the beginning of September each year, running continuously into full term. It gives students the opportunity to have more tuition in their chosen area of study, and to experience some cultural activities. We believe that this will enable the work achieved by students throughout the Extended Michaelmas Term to equate to a full semester at their home universities.

Applicants may select two sets of 8 tutorials or classes to study across the entire Extended Michaelmas Term. The first set of 8 tutorials will begin in September, and will continue into Michaelmas term. The other set of 8 tutorials will begin at the start of Michaelmas, in October.

We provide a full induction schedule including an Introduction to Studying at Oxford seminar, an individual meeting with the Director of Visiting Students, a library induction and a welcome meeting.  There will be an exciting programme of excursions to local places of historical importance such as Blenheim Palace, and Oxford’s premier museum and gallery, the Ashmolean Museum, and a walking tour of Oxford.  We also organise a student 'Buddy', a current undergraduate student of LMH, to help the students settle into College life; the 'Buddy' will also arrange ad hoc social events.

We would encourage study-abroad offices who have interested students to be in touch with the Director of Visiting Students to discuss the suitability of the Extended Michaelmas Term for their students. In order to ensure a quality experience, there will be a relatively small number of places for Extended Michaelmas. It is still possible to apply to study for Hilary and Trinity terms.

Joel Mire


Joel Mire, a student from Duke University, writes about his experience of MT+ in its' pilot year:

The MT+ program stood out to me because unlike other extended Michaelmas term programs at Oxford, it lets you take tutorials in your subject from the outset. Most programs at other Oxford colleges have their students take a seminar together for the first month. As a junior at my home university, I really wanted to tailor my schedule to my specific subjects. After all, if Oxford is renowned for the tutorial system, why come just to take another seminar?  

Spending a month at Oxford before the official term began was amazing. I was able to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful city, acclimate myself to a new different academic system, meet with various professors, and visit interesting places throughout England on cultural excursions. 

Truly, the MT+ program helps you design a personalized experience at Oxford.