To continue Chris’ legacy of ground-breaking research and honour his contribution to LMH Chemistry and Biochemistry, we are establishing a research fund in his name. 

Our aim is to raise at least £350,000 to support a generation of Junior Research Fellows and DPhil students at LMH to focus on researching the areas which Chris was so passionate about, namely biomolecular NMR spectroscopy; the structure, function and dynamics of proteins; the process of protein folding and misfolding and their role in diseases.

Research in these fields is currently undertaken mainly by academics working in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments but, as Chris’ own research showed, his thinking outside-the-box and collaborations extended over many scientific disciplines. The addition of a DPhil student and Junior Research Fellow to this research area would not only enable us to support young academics but also give them an important opportunity to contribute to the rich academic and social fabric of LMH. 

The Graduate Student Offer

The College’s long-term aim for our graduate students is to provide sufficient financial support, across the academic spectrum, in order to attract the very best applicants regardless of their location and financial means.  The establishment of the Chris Dobson Research Fund will enable the College, with part funding from the relevant University Science Faculty, to secure full funding (namely, academic fees and living expenses) for a DPhil student for typically a 4-year period of research.  The DPhil student will enjoy membership of the MCR and, if desired, graduate accommodation at LMH. 

The Junior Research Fellowship Offer

Typically, non-stipendiary JRFs are full-time salaried research posts in the University, without any college attachment, so our ability to offer a college association will be highly valuable to post-doctoral researchers and to our College community. Their integration into the College would provide them with membership of the common room system and it is our hope that they could provide the College with undergraduate tutorial teaching support and act as advisors for graduate students working in related academic disciplines. 

The Chris Dobson Research Fund will enable LMH to support a full-time Junior Research Fellow at LMH, providing a research allowance and College benefits. Each appointment is likely to be for a period of up to 3 years.   

Supporting the Chris Dobson Research Fund

We would like to raise £350,000 to support a continuous JRF and DPhil presence at LMH for at least the next 20-25 years.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss your gift to the Chris Dobson Research Fund (including advice on how to donate in the most tax efficient way), please contact Deputy Development Director, Carrie Scott.

Please note that gifts can be made as lump sums, or regular direct debit gifts (monthly/quarterly/annually) and can be one-off or a multi-year pledge.

Photo of Chris Dobson