Anna Caltabiano

At LMH, I was able to delve further than ever before into my area of study—English Literature. The vast majority of my tutorials were one-on-one. They facilitated my special interest in literature & medicine, with an emphasis on mental health. Thanks to my personal tutor at LMH, I was able to work closely with faculty across the university.

Aside from the excellent academics, I had a blast. I spent many idyllic afternoons reading and chatting in the college gardens or going out punting on the river with friends. I had friendly Porters who would take me out for coffee and a chat to discuss my latest readings. And of course, I enjoyed my evening catch-up sessions with friends at the college bar after Formal Hall. LMH was a home base for me, from which I was able to explore the entire university, make a broad group of friends, and leverage the academic resources of one of the world’s greatest universities.