Eglantyne Jebb studied History at LMH 1895-1898. She was a social reformer and founded the charity Save the Children. In 1923 she wrote the ‘Children’s Charter’ of rights, which the League of Nations unanimously adopted on 26 September 1924. Eglantyne died on the 17th December 1928 in Geneva, where she worked as an assessor to the League’s advisory council for the protection of children. Her LMH contemporary and friend Dorothy Kemp became Head of the LMH Settlement in Lambeth, London in 1908. The Settlement movement gave students the opportunity to undertake religious, social and educational work in the community.
This drawing is part of our college archive [LMH Archives/MPP/21/5].

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Drawing of Dorothy Kemp by Eglantyne Jebb c. 1896, LMH archive