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Role: Stipendiary college lecturer in medicine; Consultant anaesthetist


Dr Birte Feix


My academic life began as a mathematician, and I completed my Diplom in Heidelberg and Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in Cambridge in the 1990s. A PhD in pure mathematics was followed by a junior research fellowship at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, from which I resigned in 2002 to study Medicine. I undertook post-graduate medical training in anaesthesia and intensive care Medicine in Cambridge and East Anglia and developed a particular interest in neuroanaesthesia. More recently, I also taught physiology to medical undergraduates at Trinity Hall.

I moved to Oxford as a consultant in neuroanaesthesia and critical care in February 2016.


Selected publications

  • B Feix, J Sturgess, Anaesthesia in the prone position, Contin Educ Anaesth Crit Care Pain 2014; 14: 291-7
  • B Feix, A Ercole, Arterial pulse waveform as an n-soliton evolution of the left ventricular pressure pulse, Crit Care 2014; 18 (suppl 1):S42
  • B Feix, The Dräger Hefte -a tool for customer loyalty by Dräger, The History of Anaesthesia Society Proceedings, Volume 42, June 2010
  • B Feix, Hyperkähler metrics on cotangent bundles, J. reine angew. Math. 532 (2001), 33-46
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