We have excellent ICT facilities. Every room in LMH has an Ethernet point giving access to an extremely fast internet connection. In addition, many parts of the College have wi-fi (which can be connected to multiple devices), and the library has multiple Ethernet points.

The college ICT department is open Monday to Friday to provide assistance with using the college ICT facilities, connecting to the college network, and general advice on ICT matters. It’s really lovely having a team of friendly faces who you can pop into see – they’re even happy to provide help and advice to us for our own personal computer equipment and software.

There is a computer room in the Library for all students to use, with PCs, black and white printers, and a colour printer/photocopier. We have a generous printing allowance each year.


Getting Started

All Oxford students are allocated a University Single Sign-On account and an Oxford email address for use during their time here.  Your University email address will be used by tutors and administrators to correspond with you, so it is important to make sure you activate it. 

In advance of arriving, you will be sent your Oxford Single Sign-On account details via the personal email you supplied to the University when you applied for your place. You will need to activate your SSO account to access your email, complete the registration process, and to make use of key ICT facilities within the University and College. Activation is done via https://webauth.ox.ac.uk/activate. The University provides more information at https://www.it.ox.ac.uk/getting-started.

Our IT office have prepared a helpful guide containing information on how to set up your Oxford email account and wifi password (and other useful advice). You can read it the ICT Information Letter here

The College ICT department provides the following services for students:

Phone, email & helpdesk

You can contact the ICT Team by email on it-support@lmh.ox.ac.uk or by phone using 01865 619111. The ICT Team will reply as soon as they can during office working hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 4pm.  We can help you with any of the services provided by the College and most of the University provided services. We can also assist you with software problems and some hardware problems on your own computers, phones and tablets. The ICT office have temporarily suspended the drop-in enquiries service, so please only come to the office on Wolfson Quad if you cannot contact us by phone or email.

Student shared computers

The College normally provides computers for any member of the college to use in the library; unfortunately this service has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.  Once the suspension is lifted, you will find two computer areas in the library, both on the ground floor.  For the main computer room, turn left at the bottom of the stairs. For the smaller law library computer room, turn right.  The computers are currently running Windows 10 and have Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and Firefox installed.  To log on to the College computers you will need to use your SSO username and password. For members of the MCR, there are further computers in the MCR study room in the Clore Graduate centre.

Printing services

You can print to the College printers in the Library and the Porters’ lodge via our web print service https:\\print.lmh.ox.ac.uk.  Please see our Printing page for more details.  Once the computer rooms are available again, you will also be able print directly from the computer room computers.

University IT Services

The University IT Services department provides additional services including email, free or reduces price software (Office 365, Sophos Anitvirus and more), E-learning platforms (Canvas), vpn, on-line IT courses, and the hardware breakdown service. You can visit http:\\help.it.ox.ac.uk to find out about the services and support provided by University IT Services.

Connecting to the Network

The college provides an Ethernet port in every bedroom for a wired network connection and wireless connection is available throughout the College (although there are still a few wireless blackspots which we are working to remove).  You will see a number of wireless networks being broadcast in the College, but you should use the Eduroam network (which is University wide and also available in many other higher education institutions across the world).

To connect to the wired or wireless networks at Lady Margaret Hall you will need a Remote Access Password. This is NOT the same as your Single Sign On (SSO) password that you use for accessing Oxford University emails.

If you have not setup your remote access password (or have forgotten what it is) then you will need to visit https://register.it.ox.ac.uk. Log in to the site using your SSO username and password, click on the 'Continue to IT Services Registration Services' button and you will be taken to the self-registration home page. Near the top of the page will be a link to 'Set up a Remote Access Account' or, if you have already set up Remote Access, then the link will be 'Change a Remote Access password'. Follow the instructions on the next page carefully to create/reset your password.

It is usually best to use the Eduroam configurator to set the network settings for Eduroam wifi. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the University here: https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/wireless/services/eduroam/index

Connecting Printers or other devices

Due to the authentication method provided by the University, it is not possible to add wireless printers, or other devices such as smart speakers/internet TVs, that do not allow you to provide both a username and password for connection. You may need to buy a USB cabel to connect your printer to your laptop/PC directly and for other devices you may be able to connect via the wired ethernet connection (possibly by buying an adapter). It is also not possible to connect your own wireless router to the College wired network.

In exceptional circumstances we can connect devices to the College private wifi network - please call in to the IT office to discuss your requirements.

Connecting to the wired network

For instructions on joining the wired network and for more detailed instructions for the wireless networks look at our guide for Connecting to the Internet.


There are three printers that any member of the College can use; two are in the Library computer rooms and one is in the Porters' Lodge. Printing is charged at 4p per page for balck and white printing and 10p per page for colour. Every student has an annual printing allowance (£6 for undergraduates and £12 for graduates); once you have used up your allowance you can continue printing until you reach the negative account limit of £50. Negative printing balances will be charged to your battels termly.

You can print from one of the student shared computers (in the Library or Clore Graduate Centre) or by using the web printing service at print.lmh.ox.ac.uk.

The printers use a shared printing queue: send your document to the queue (for web print there are separate queues for single-sided or colour printing) and then go to your chosen printer and use your University card to tap on the card reader (you may need to tap twice if the printer is in low power mode) and release your stored document.

The printer in the Porters' Lodge and the larger Library printer can also photocopy or scan documents. Copying is charged at the same rate as printing, and scanning is free.

See our full Printing Guide to find out more about the College's printing services.

Safety and Security

Keeping yourself safe online

To connect a laptop or PC to the wired network you must have your Operating System up-to-date and an anti-virus program installed.  If you are connecting via Eduroam, there is no checking in place but we still highly recommend that you install a good anti-virus program.  All members of the University can download the Sophos anti-virus program for free – see https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/viruses/index for more information.

We are seeing more and more cases of sophisticated phishing attacks (emails pretending to come from the University attempting to get you to enter your username and password into a fake website).  If you have your password stolen in this way then it can result in your SSO account being blocked by the University – which will prevent you accessing your email, WebLearn and many other University services.  Please read the information at https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/phishing/index and help keep your account protected.

Protecting your data

You put a lot of effort into the essays and dissertations that are part of your course at the University and you do not want to lose your hard work!  Please make sure that you keep copies of your work, and we would recommend that you use more than one method of backing up your data. There are many on-line backup services (Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, Google drive, etc) available and you can also use an external hard drive or USB stick.  If you need advice on the best method for you, then please visit us in the ICT Office.

If your computer is no longer in warranty then we would recommend registering your computer with the University Hardware Breakdown Service which provides breakdown cover at an economic price.