Environmental sustainability


LMH is committed to reducing its impact on the environment by taking steps to reduce direct and indirect pollution to land, air and water.


The College’s commitment includes meeting compliance with environmental regulations and legislation, managing environmental risk and minimising the indirect adverse environmental impacts of its activities.

Over time we have achieved improvements in our performance. These have been made through reduction of direct energy and water consumption, efficient management of resources, leading to reduction in waste, better understanding and appreciation of biodiversity, reduction of carbon dioxide, and transport planning. Staff and students continue to work together to improve our performance in all of these areas.

LMH recognises that its environmental performance involves not only the impacts of its activities in and around Oxford, but also its national and global environment impacts as a result of resource consumption, travel for business purposes, and its management of land that it owns.

Our key environmental activity areas


Residents of the College


There are 450 students and 15 staff members living on the premises. Their actions and inactions clearly have a huge influence on the College's environmental footprint.

Information and guidance for residents is available from the Bursary. Suggestions are always welcome. Please send them to the Domestic Bursar.