Resourcing the College Library

The library is a central resource and learning space for all members of College. Demand for library provision at LMH is likely to rise as more graduates will be living in College. Meanwhile, the number of reader spaces in central university libraries declines as libraries merge.

How does LMH Library fare against other college libraries?

  1. The book purchasing budget (£27,000) is significantly smaller than most other Oxford colleges (the average is £42,000).  An extra £15,000 per annum is needed to raise our budget to the average for a college of our size.

  2. LMH is one of only 6 colleges with a single qualified librarian and only 4 colleges have less than two full-time staff members. A second full-time qualified Assistant Librarian would help us better support our students.

Student in LMH library
New Library Chair

New Chair Fund

Students can spend hours in the College Library at a time, working on essays or researching topics for their course. To make the space more comfortable, we are halfway through replacing a number of older chairs which are reaching the end of their life. Each chair requires a donation of £568 to replace (or £455 with Gift Aid). There are 56 chairs in the main Library reading room which need to be replaced, and alumni donations have allowed us to purchase 38 new chairs already.

The new chairs are built to stand the test of time, and we will be delighted to commemorate the donation of a Library Chair with a plaque on the back of the seat.

LMH Library

Making a gift

Gifts towards the LMH Library will enable us to increase the investment necessary to ensure that our provision is equal to that for students in other colleges. To find out more about our library click here.

If you would like your gift to specifically go towards a new chair in the Library, please indicate to us when making your donation.