Student Printing Service

Free allowance

Undergraduates get an annual £6.00 allowance - equivalent  to 150 single sides of mono (black and white) printing.

Graduates get a £12 allowance.

Printing to the black and white printers in the library


Printing is charged at 4p per page single sided and 2p per page for duplex (double-sided) printing.

There are two black and white printers in the library, one in the Law Library and one in the Main Computer room.  You can print to these printers from the library computers.

When you log on to one of the library computers you will see the printing balance window.


This shows you the current balance in your printing account.  Once you have used your free allowance the balance will go negative.  You will be batteled for the negative balance at the end of each term.  If you cannot see the window click on the Papercut icon in the system tray.


When you want to print from your chosen application, make sure you have selected the correct printer and print settings, and then click on the print button or option in the application. A popup dialog will appear and ask you to confirm the details.

Click Print to confirm the job and agree to the cost. Otherwise, click Cancel if you no longer wish to print the job. 


This is your chance to make sure you have selected the correct single-sided or double-sided option before finally sending the job to the printer.  Once you click print the job will be sent to the printer and you will see the balance in printing balance window go down.

Printing to the colour printer in the library

Printing in colour is charged at 10p  per page single sided and 6p per page for duplex printing.  The printing cost of a document is calculated on a page by page basis, so if your document has, for example, 2 pages containing colour  then only those pages would be charged at the colour rate, the rest would be charged at the mono rate. 

Printing to the colour printer is a two stage process. Once you have selected the print option for your document and selected print from the Papercut PopUp you will notice that the total cost in the print counter has not reduced.  The colour printer has a holding queue (because it is also used for the web printing service) and you will not be charged until you choose to release your job to the printer.

To release the job from the queue click on the Your Account link in the printing balance window.  This will open a web browser where you can sign into the print service using your single sign on user name and password.

The home page of the print service web site shows you a summary of your printing activity at LMH.

See image

On the left hand side of the page you will see a menu of options.  Click on Jobs Pending Release and you will see a list of your jobs waiting to go to the printer.  You can release or cancel individual jobs or release or cancel all waiting jobs.

See image

If you have forgotten to release your jobs before logging off the library computer, you can use the release station next to the printer which will be quicker than logging back in.  See the instructions under web printing for using the release station.

Web Printing

As well as printing from the library computers you can also send print jobs from your own computer to the colour printers in the library or in the Porters’ Lodge via the web printing service.

There are a limited number of document types that can be printed using this service.  The system can print Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents.  To print other documents or web pages in Windows you can use the inbuilt XPS printer to create a .xps file which can then be printed via the web printing service.  Mac users can print to PDF using the PDF button on the print dialog.

At present, it is only possible to create double sided, black and white prints via the web printing service.
To use the web printing service go to  and, after completing the single sign on process, select Web Print from the menu on the left.  

Then click on the Submit a Job link.

See image

On the next page you will be able to select which printer you want to send the job to.

See image

Once you have selected the printer click on the Print Options and Account Selections button where you will be able to choose to print more than one copy of your document.

See image

Click on Upload documents. 

See image

If your browser supports it, you can drag and drop the file to the browser window.  If not you can click on the Upload from computer button and select the file from the navigation window.  Finally click on the Upload & Complete button.

See image

After a short time the print service will complete the processing of the document and you will see:

See image 

At this point the job is held in a queue and waits to be released.  You can now look at the cost of the job, and if you are happy with the cost you can release the job to the printer and the cost will be charged against your printing balance.

There are two options for releasing your print jobs to the printer.  If you are reasonably close to the printer and can go immediately to the printer to collect you printing you can click on the: 

Held in a queue link, which shows you your queued jobs.  From this screen you can print or cancel your queued jobs.

See image

If, however, you are not able to collect your printing immediately there is a danger that it will get removed from the printer by someone else.  Also, if you are printing something private you may not want it to print until you are able to pick it up immediately from the printer.  For this reason we provide a release station next to each printer. 

The release station is a small computer on a table next to the printer.  You may need to move the mouse to wake up the computer which should then automatically, after a small delay of a few seconds, take you straight to the login screen for the print service.  You will be then be able to access the Jobs Pending Release screen as shown above.



If your printing hasn’t printed, first check that the printer has enough paper and hasn’t jammed.  For paper jams and paper supplies please contact the librarian or her assistant.  For the colour printer also check that you have released the job from the queue.
If there is no obvious error on the printer please contact the ICT office - we will be able to investigate but please let us know what you were printing and the date and approximate  time you sent the job to the printer.

If your printing has come out in poor quality due to low toner or other printer fault, please bring the affected pages to the ICT office and we will refund the cost to your account.