Contact details


Telephone number: 74290

Role: Fellow and Tutor; Associate Professor at Oxford Law Faculty


Prof Sanja Bogojević


I joined Lady Margaret Hall as Fellow and Tutor in September 2016. This followed five years as senior lecturer at Lund University, Sweden. I read law at King’s College London and Passau Universität (LLB with German Law), and Collège d’Europe (LLM) before completing a DPhil at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. I held visiting research positions at the Max Planck Institute for Collective Goods; the New York University School of Law; the University of New South Wales and the UC Berkeley School of Law.

I am currently the Analysis Editor for the Journal of Environmental Law. Since 2016, I have also been a Research Fellow at the Faculty's Institute for European and Comparative Law (IECL).

Research interests

My work explores interlinks and dichotomies between private and private spheres in law. To this end, I currently work on research projects exploring the role of markets in environmental law, greening of procurement law, as well as the adjudication of environmental rights in the EU legal context.

In 2016 I was awarded the Nils Klim Prize for outstanding research contribution to environmental law- and emissions trading scholarship.


Currently I teach undergraduate courses on Environmental Law, EU Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, and the BCL/MJur course on European Business Regulation: the Law of the EU’s Internal Market.



Selected publications


  • S Bogojević Emissions Trading Schemes: Markets, States and Law (Hart Publishing, 2013)
  • S Bogojević and R Rayfuse (eds.) Environmental Rights in Europe and Beyond (Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2017).

Journal articles

  • S Bogojević, ‘Unpacking Judicial Dialogue: Twenty years of preliminary references on environmental matters initiated by the Swedish judiciary’ Journal of Environmental Law (forthcoming 2017)
  • S Bogojević and N Petit, ‘Deterring the State and the Firm: Two systems of deterrence under EU law?’ Colombia Journal of European Law (Forthcoming 2017)
  • S Bogojević, X Groussot and M Medzmariashvili, ‘Adequate Legal Protection and Good Administration in EU Asylum Procedures: The Case of C-604/12 H.N. and beyond’ (2015) Common Market Law Review 1635-1659.
  • S Bogojević, ‘Judicial Protection of Individual Applicants Revisited: Access to Justice through the Prism of Judicial Subsidiarity’ (2015) 34 Yearbook of European Law 5-25.
  • D Driesen and S Bogojević, ‘Economic Thought and Climate Disruption: Neoclassical and Economic Dynamic Approaches in the USA and the EU’ (2013) 25 Journal of Environmental Law 463-483.
  • S Bogojević, ‘EU Climate Change Litigation, the Role of the EU Courts, and the Importance of Legal Culture’ (2013) 35 Law & Policy 184-207 
  • S Bogojević, ‘Legalising Environmental Leadership: A Comment on the CJEU’s Ruling in C-366/10 on the Inclusion of Aviation in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme’ (2012) 24 Journal of Environmental Law 345-356.
  • S Bogojević, ‘Ending the Honeymoon: Deconstructing Emissions Trading Discourses’ (2009) 3 Journal of Environmental Law 443-468.

Chapters in books

  • S Bogojević, ‘Market Mechanisms’ in E Lees and J Vinuales (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Law (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017).
  • S Bogojević, ‘EU Human Rights Law and Environmental Protection: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?’ in S Douglas-Scott and N Hatzis (eds.) EU Human Rights Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming 2017).
  • S Bogojević, ‘Climate Change Law and Policy in the European Union’ in C Carlarne, K Gray and R Tarasofsky (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of International Climate Change Law (Oxford University Press, 2016) 674-691.
  • S Bogojević, ‘EU Climate Change Litigation: All Quiet on the Luxembourgian Front?’ in G van Calster, W Vandenberghe and L Reins (eds.) Research Handbook on Climate Change Mitigation Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015) 543-559.
  • X Groussot and S Bogojević, ‘Subsidiarity as a Procedural Safeguard to Federalism’ in L Azoulai (ed.) The Question of Competence in the European Union(Oxford University Press, 2014) 234-252.
  • S Bogojević, ‘Global Gazing: Viewing Markets through the Lens of Emissions Trading Discourses’ in B Jessup and K Rubenstein (eds.) Environmental Discourses in Public and International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2012) 331-352.