From the Principal

Alan Rusbridger



Welcome to Lady Margaret Hall!

LMH was founded in 1878 to right a wrong: the fact that a great university saw fit to educate men, but not women. The foundation of a college to remedy that injustice was, in the words of the writer Vera Brittain, “the quintessence of the whole movement for women’s emancipation, the context for the equal citizenship of the mind.”

Nearly 140 years later LMH stands on the same spot. One hundred years after its foundation – in 1978 – the college opened its doors to men, as well as women. The college grew: we are now a community of 406 undergraduates, 241 graduates, 45 fellows and about 100 support staff.

I came to LMH as Principal after 20 years as editor in chief of the Guardian. I have found a college that is incredibly warm, friendly, inquiring and open.

This was an institution that started life as an outsider: one member of the college support staff described the atmosphere in a single word: ”normal.”

And so it is. But it’s also an extraordinary place. Set in the great beauty of 10 or more acres of gardens leading down to the Cherwell, LMH is a meeting place of great minds, research and learning.

The battle for access to women’s education in UK universities is largely won. LMH will always strive to overcome other barriers to learning so that it will continue to champion the “equal citizenship of the mind.”

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