As research increasingly shows, academic fulfilment is very difficult to achieve without well-being. It can be easy to forget to take care of your own health and wellbeing. Here are suggestions to help you achieve a healthy work life balance - and there are also lots of resources to help you if you’re finding things difficult. Here you can find a range of excellent podcasts and online advice for a range of issues, including sleep, procrastination, perfection and revision skills.

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  • If you have any issues with eating that college provision may not seem to address, do contact the Domestic Bursar - 01865 611036 or We are committed to making sure that all members of our community feel welcome to eat in college. Please tell us about diets that we may not have included in our plans if they do not accommodate your needs on grounds of health or religion.
  • Students who have (or believe they may be at risk of having) an eating disorder are invited to talk confidentially to Anne Harpin (, the college GP and/or one of the Welfare Team.



  • There are no safe levels of alcohol consumption, but there are recommendations for it. The current recommendation has been revised to 14 units of alcohol per week for both men and women, spread evenly across the week. It should include drink-free days.
  • 14 units is equivalent to a bottle and a half of 13% wine or five pints of export-type lager (5% abv)
  • Head to Drink Aware for more facts and ways to control your alcohol consumption.
  • There’s also lots of help and resources available here.



  • Talk to Frank is a useful website for facts on drugs, as well as advice and support for anyone struggling with a drug problem.
  • The Oxford University Counselling Service is available to all Oxford students free of charge – they offer individual and group counselling sessions with professional counsellors, and have lots of useful advice, information and links here.

Smoking / cigarettes

The NHS smoke free website is a useful way to help you minimise or quit smoking habits.

Planning a night out

You can call a University Safety Bus on 07714 445050 - for more resources, please click here.

Further support

At LMH  the Welfare Team are all bound by confidentiality (this means they won’t speak to anyone about what is disclosed to them, unless they have permission from the person in question, or believe this person to be a serious threat to themselves or others). You can read our Code of Confidentiality here. They are a useful first port of call if you need a chat or some more information about support for any of the above issues.