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If you are looking for ways to feel part of what’s going on at LMH, here are some suggestions.

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This is an entirely understandable feeling. Being away from home, especially for the first time, can be difficult. You miss the people and the places that you are closest to. You might find the culture very different here. Here are some ideas to help you feel less alone.

Keeping dank company

  • Hang out with people in your household. Kitchen space is a great space to strike up conversation. The kettle doesn’t work, or someone’s not washed up again. How do I know how much rice to cook? If you’re having difficulty sorting out a practical issue in your room, call on a neighbour so you can sort it together.
  • Go into the Dining Hall to eat. If you’re shy about making conversation you can always talk about the food.
LMH student in dining hall
  • You can call the Lodge for a chat on 01865 274300
  • If your peers are sharing things on their phones, show a few photographs of something that matters to you to begin conversation.
  • Team up with a ‘Study Buddy’ to discuss the assignments you’ve been set. They’ll be glad of a listening ear too. 
  • College Clubs and Societies link can be a way of sharing things that matter to you. Scary at first, maybe, but remember you’ll have interests in common. Peers support teas and other events in College also make it easier to chat to new people. You don’t need to feel that everyone else is well-connected and confident; they are probably experiencing very similar feelings to you. And will probably be very glad that there is someone like you to talk to.
  • Outside college, there are loads of societies - check out the Oxford Student Societies list. You''ll find like-minded people there.
  • There are so many projects in Oxford that are not directly connected to the University - Oxford Hub, the Oxford Food Bankstudent volunteering, conservation volunteers - which you might find it inspiring and companionable to be part of.
Wellness Weeks

Held twice a year, our 'Wellness Weeks' bring together the whole community. There are sports activities, mindfulness sessions, tai chi classes, group cycle trips, gardening projects, 'Art for the Heart', and so on. Lots of staff bring in their animals. We also have a visiting farm - called Farms 2 Ewe - and sometimes alpacas.

Wellness Week Library display

Benny D Cat

Benny is available for consultations and general play dates - contact his assistant via the Junior Deans –

Benny Di Cat

Our #wellMH podcast

We have a podcast at LMH - 'Listening Matters Here' - which you are welcome to listen to, and pitch conversation topics for.

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