It is no more expensive to study at Oxford than any other UK university


In fact, if you come from a low-income household, it may actually be a cheaper University at which to study at because of all of the support available on top of any government support you are getting! You can read more about tuition fees on the University website.

Living costs, including accommodation and meals, will vary from person to person, but the University has a helpful approximation here.

With the support of our alumni, each year we spend around:

  •     £7,000 in academic prizes;
  •     £20,000 in undergraduate scholarships;
  •     £85,000 in postgraduate scholarships.


From prizes to bursaries, there are a range of ways to get financial support while you study, many of which you won't have to pay back:

  • The College contributes to the bursaries and fee waivers managed centrally by the University of Oxford, which are awarded at the same level in all colleges and which are dependent on family income.
  • UK undergraduates may apply for a means-tested award from the Coombe Fund of up to £650 to help defray essential costs of being an undergraduate, e.g. buying sub fusc, a laptop and a bicycle.
  • Scholarships (worth £350 per year) are normally awarded to those who achieve a First in Mods or a Distinction in Prelims. Exhibitions (worth £200 per year) are awarded to those who are very close to this level. The awards are made for one year in the first instance and are renewed on the basis of continued high-level academic performance.
  • The College awards an Organ Scholarship (worth £350 per year) based on a separate early application process, in the September prior to UCAS applications.
  • The College awards four Choral scholarships (worth £350 per year), one in each voice, on the basis of auditions for on course students.
  • Students reading for Biological Sciences, or for one of the Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Chemistry, Experimental Psychology, Pre-Clinical Medicine) or Mathematics who gain a First in Prelims will be considered for the Heron-Allen Scholarship, worth up to £2,000 per year. There is also a Travel Scholarship of up to £500 for undergraduates reading Life Sciences.
  • There are also other subject-specific prizes for top performance at various stages of the course.
  • Book prizes (of £50) may be awarded for significant improvement in academic performance.
  • The College also has resources available to help all students who encounter unforeseeable hardship.


Graduate student?

We have a range of scholarships available for our graduate students.