LMH students in dining hall

LMH cooks a mean meal

The LMH dining hall is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday-Friday, as well as Saturday brunch and Sunday dinner.  Eating in Hall (360 degree view here) is a good way to relax and catch up with friends – plus the convenience of having tasty, good value food a couple of minutes away from your desk isn’t something to be underestimated…

  • Sample menus can be seen here 
  • Meals are excellent value – the average spend is just over £3 per meal
  • Food is served informally, cafeteria-style 
  • There are several kitchens where you can cook for yourself and friends. 
  • We also have vending machines (24/7) and the bar is open 7 nights a week in term
  • LMH is one of fewer than five Oxford Colleges to be accredited Fairtrade College


Vegetarian and vegan options are always available at meal times, and our catering staff are also always happy to cater to any other allergies or dietary requirements, such as halal.

The biggest culinary event of the week is formal hall on Friday evening: a delicious, three-course, waiter-served meal complete with candelabras and good company! LMH undergraduate students can go to formal twice a year for free, with any subsequent trips costing around £10 per head or guest tickets for around £16.

Student line at LMH dining hall
LMH Dining Hall