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Role: Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics

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I am currently working towards a DPhil in mathematics, supervised by Robin Thompson and Philip Maini. Previously, I was an undergraduate at LMH from 2014-2018.

Research interests

My research involves mathematical modelling of infectious disease epidemics, in particular using models that account for variations in infectiousness and symptoms during infection. Recently, I have been working on developing an easy-to-use framework for scaling from models of infection within an individual patient, to models of epidemic progression through a population.


I will be teaching some of the first and second year applied mathematics courses in 2019-20. These are: Prelims Introductory Calculus, Prelims Dynamics, and Part A Fluids and Waves.

Selected publications

W.S. Hart, L.F.R. Hochfilzer, N.J. Cunniffe, H. Lee, H. Nishiura, and R.N. Thompson. Accurate forecasts of the effectiveness of interventions against Ebola may require models that account for variations in symptoms during infection. Epidemics, in press.

R.N. Thompson and W.S. Hart. Effect of confusing symptoms and infectiousness on forecasting and control of Ebola outbreaks. Clin. Infect. Dis., 67(9):1472-1474, 2018.