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Social media: @ra_montgomery

Role: Fellow in Conservation Innovation; Research Associate in the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit; Faculty in the Department of Zoology

Prof Robert A. Montgomery

I joined Lady Margaret Hall in February of 2021 so as to advance my research-informed conservation and sustainability laboratory at Oxford. Prior to that, I was a tenured professor of conservation science at Michigan State University, USA. Within my laboratory, I foster a lively, diverse, and interdisciplinary learning environment featuring postdoctoral research associates, international research associates, graduate students, and undergraduate student researchers. The objectives of my program are to; i) determine the extent to which ecological theories are generalizable to real-world landscapes, ii) empower and position students to reach their personal and professional goals, and iii) develop and apply novel and creative methods of communicating science and learning to society. Emblematic of my national and international reputation, I have received numerous awards for my integrated research program and invitations to present my work around the world.

Research interests

My research examines the consequences of trophic interactions on animal community dynamics, spatial patterns in landscape ecology, and the well-being of local people that live alongside wildlife. Consequently, the scope of my research program is broad, diverse, and grounded in applied studies. Large mammals are the most common experimental subjects of my research. I maintain a number of long-term field sites for exploration of these topics around the world and recruit diverse students to catalyze interdisciplinary collaborations around this research.