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Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics




I am currently undertaking my DPhil in Computer Science in Oxford, having begun in October 2020. I did my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Imperial College London, in Mathematics from 2016-2019. I grew up in London, am an Australian and British dual citizen and have spent a lot of time visiting and at one point living in Melbourne. Alongside my research, I am a photographer and I write. I joined Lady Margaret Hall in October of 2022.

Research interest

I am interested in the foundations of probability theory, particularly categorical foundations, with an eye to developing semantics of probabilistic programming languages. in other words, I try to answer three questions with compositional approaches:

What do we mean when we talk about probability?

What do we calculate when we do calculations with probability?

How closely do computers agree with us on our answers to the previous two questions?

More recently, this has involved considering the connections between classical and quantum probability.


I am currently the tutor for the second year Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis course.


Selected for QPL plenary talk:  S. Staton and N. Summers. Quantum de Finetti Theorems as Categorical Limits, and Limits of State Spaces of C*-algebras. To appear in Proceedings of International Conference on Quantum Physics and Logic 2022 (QPL 2022).
Preprint: arxiv:2207.05832
Plenary Talk: youtube