Contact details

Lecturer in Study Skills


Dr Thomas Player


I have MChem and DPhil degrees in Chemistry, focusing on physical and theoretical chemistry for my doctorate. I teach Study Skills one-to-one and in classes with LMH students, working in particular with students in science and medicine-focused subjects.

Research interests

My doctoral research focuses on using chemical calculations to investigate how magnetic fields interact with systems of biological significance. For instance, one of my projects looks to investigate the potential chemical mechanism by which night-migratory songbirds detect the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field when they migrate. As well as teaching and research, I am interested in scientific writing and communication more broadly.


Study Skills – covering areas such as academic writing, note-taking, time management, revision and exam technique. I have also taught the undergraduate course in Physical Chemistry, and classes in Mathematics for Chemists.


Amplification of weak magnetic field effects on oscillating reactions, TC Player, EDA Baxter, S Allatt, PJ Hore, Scientific Reports 11 1 (2021) 1–9
Source of magnetic field effects on the electrocatalytic reduction of CO2, TC Player, PJ Hore, The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 8 (2020) 084303
Viability of superoxide-containing radical pairs as magnetoreceptors, TC Player, PJ Hore, The Journal of Chemical Physics 151 22 (2019) 225101
Posner qubits: spin dynamics of entangled Ca9(PO4)6 molecules and their role in neural processing, TC Player, PJ Hore, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15 147 (2018) 20180494