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I teach tutorials on various aspects of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, the philosophy of mind, and ethics.

Dr. Nadine Elzein 2018

Academic biography

I completed my PhD at University College London, in 2009. Prior to taking up this post I have held posts at University College London, Wadham College Oxford, The University of Southampton, King’s College London, and University College Oxford. I also teach some classes for the Royal Institute of Philosophy in London.

Research interests

I am interested in ethics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mind. My main area of research focuses on free will, determinism, and moral responsibility. I have written about the importance of alternative possibilities in the free will dispute, revisionist views of freedom and moral responsibility, the idea of supervenient freedom, and luck objections to incompatibilist accounts of free will. I am also presently working on the relation between causation and moral responsibility, the bearing of determinism on deontic morality more broadly, and some of the practical issues surrounding free will scepticism.

Teaching duties

This year, I am teaching General Philosophy, Mill’s Moral Philosophy, and Ethics, among other things.

Selected publications