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Role: Stipendiary Lecturer in Psychology


Dr MaryAnn Noonan


My previous research has focused on dissociating cognitive functions in the frontal lobe, especially the mechanisms underlying the accumulation of experience and the utilisation of this experience in order to guide behaviour and solve problems. I completed my BSc in Psychology at the University of York and my MSc and DPhil in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. My subsequent postdoc positions included time in Oxford and at McGill University.

Research interests

My research explores how individuals learn and make decisions. This is not an easy problem, particularly when there are many valuable options to chose between. My work asks how the brain accomplishes this; coordinating different cognitive functions to achieve adaptive goal-directed behaviour. I am now investigating how these cognitive functions develop across adolescence and how the brain adapts during this critical period of life.


I give tutorials to Experimental Psychology (EP), Psychology and Philosophy (PP), Biomedical Science (BMS) and Medical students. I currently teach Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychobiology and Cognitive Psychology prelims (first years), Cognition, Behavioural Neuroscience and Social Psychology Part 1 (second years) and an advanced Part II option on Working Memory.