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Stipendiary Lecturer in Spanish



I read Spanish and Portuguese at Wadham College, and spent a formative year abroad in Barcelona pursuing research under the supervision of Prof Rosa Navarro Durán. Following a Clarendon-funded MSt at Jesus College, I moved to London to begin doctoral work at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (University of London). My thesis, Travelling Players, Travelling Civil Wars: Spain and Yugoslavia on the Transnational Stage, forms part of the AHRC-project Staging Difficult Pasts and is supervised by Prof Maria Delgado. Prior to joining LMH, I was Stipendiary Lecturer at Merton College.

Research interests

Golden Age and Contemporary Spanish theatre; the 20th century Spanish novel; the entremés and its modern iterations (teatro breve); travel narratives and multidirectional memory.


I currently teach or have taught:

  • Prelims III: Introduction to literary texts (Cervantes, Calderón, Machado, Vargas Llosa)
  • Prelims IV: The Spanish Ballad Tradition (Medieval to contemporary)  
  • FHS Paper VII: Golden Age Period of Literature (1543 — 1695)
  • FHS Paper XIII: Modern Spanish Literature (1811— present)
  • FHS Paper XI: Modern Prescribed Authors (Lorca)
  • Prelims/FHS Papers I and II: Translation into Spanish and English 


  • ‘From Golden Age to Civil War: Stages of Spain in Yugoslavia,’ in The Unsafe Stage: Daring Adaptations, Creative Failures and Experimental Performances in Iberian and Transnational Contexts, ed. by Maria del Pilar Chouza-Calo, Esther Fernández and Jonathan Thacker (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2023), in press.
  • Review of Jovanovic, Zeljko. ‘Twentieth-Century Sephardic Authors from the Former Yugoslavia’, in Modern Language Review, 118 (2023), forthcoming.  

Editorials and Translations:

  • Pablo Messiez, The Eyes, trans. by Alma Prelec and Maria Bastianes (Cambridge: MHRA New Translations), forthcoming.
  • ‘Introduction: On Forgetting’, in MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 17 (2023), ed. by Alma Prelec and Emily di Dodo, forthcoming
  • ‘Introduction: Desire’, in MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 16 (2022), ed. by Hayley O’Kell and Alma Prelec.