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Telephone number: 01865 274386

Role: Chaplain emeritus; Fellow; Tutor for Graduates; Welfare Coordinator


Allan Doig (photo credit: Ben Robinson)


I read Architecture at Cambridge, held Research Fellowships at the Universities of Hull and Delft, then worked for the Dutch National Art Collections Service in The Hague. On completion of my PhD at Cambridge I became Lecturer in the History and Theory of Art at the University of Kent in Canterbury for half a dozen years before training for the ministry at Cuddesdon Theological College just outside Oxford, serving my curacy at St Helen’s Abingdon. I have been a member of English Heritage’s Cathedrals and Churches Advisory Committee, the Council for the Care of Churches, the Fabric Advisory Committees of Salisbury and Ely Cathedrals, and am now a member of the Oxford Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches.

Research interests

I continue to do research in the history of architecture and increasingly focus on its relationship to the liturgy and history of the Church.


My Graduate students work on areas from Constantine and the Basilican Church, to English Church design between the Wars.

Selected publications


  • Liturgy and Architecture: From the Early Church to the Middle Ages, Ashgate, 2008
  • Theo van Doesburg: Painting into Architecture, Theory into Practice, Cambridge University Press, 1986
  • The Architectural Drawings Collection of King's College, Cambridge,  Avebury Publishing,  Amersham, 1979


In Preparation: The History of the Church through its Buildings, for Oxford University Press


Chapters in Books:

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